Private Land For Target Shooting

Posted by: TZ86

Private Land For Target Shooting - 06/28/19 07:00 PM

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has or knows of someone with private land that would be willing to let me and my wife or friend target shoot on. I will be very respectful of your property and will clean up anything I cause. Please somewhere with at least 50-100 yards or more. Within 1-3 hours from Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach). Would gladly pay for use. Email is best contact:

Thanks in advance.
Posted by: jcbrock

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 06/30/19 08:25 PM

I have a pasture in which I have a 400 yard rifle range and a pseudo skeet area. Plenty of room for handguns with homemade steel targets. Iím always looking for someone to shoot with. Iím about 1.5 hours from Va Beach up 460. Shoot me a PM if interested in visiting.
Posted by: TZ86

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 07/01/19 02:41 PM

PM sent, thank you.
Posted by: Kjohn510

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 07/02/19 02:47 PM

Hi, I definitely don't want to hijack your thread here but I am local to Richmond VA and am also looking for a place to shoot outside. I am also happy to compensate for use. Good luck in your search and if there is a place between RVA and the Beach maybe we can get together and shoot.
Posted by: shottylova2

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 07/08/19 11:49 PM

Sent you a PM. I have land in Chesterfield
Posted by: CharlieHorse

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 08/29/19 03:08 PM

I'm in the same boat. I live in North Henrico and I need a place to sight in my hunting rifles and do a bit of other shooting. I'm willing to pay if needed.
Posted by: blueZ

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 09/22/19 07:08 PM

Great Thread Fellas!
This is What VAGunTrader is about! smile
Posted by: SC_DJD

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 11/15/19 11:38 PM

Don't mean to butt-in, but I'm in the same boat. I've been lookign for some place to practice occasionally, out to at least 200m, that doesn't have a rediculous waiting list (or board/member approval) or redicuolous cost. Willing to compensate (reasonably), or help maintain. I need to get back in to shooting, as well as teach my son proper shooting techniques. FYSA, I have 12 years mil service, and work for the state, plus very recent firearm purchase, so multiple background checks recently, if theres a concern for that. Thanks!
Posted by: SC_DJD

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 11/15/19 11:45 PM

Hey JC,

Hate to butt-in on an older thread, but I'm in the same boat. I'm looking for some place to shoot (rifles), that doesn't have rediculous costs, or waiting lists (or political board approvals). Willing to compensate (reasonably) or help with maintenance. I've only been in VA since late 2011, but still don't really know anyone with similar (shooting/hunting) interests. Really looking for somewhere I can peacefully shoot, as well as start training my son to shoot. FYSA, I've been in the Army for 12 years, 8 yrs active, now in the Reserve for the last couple yrs, also work for the state, and have a very recent ffl purchase (so multiple recent backgorund checks, if there's a concern for that). Thanks for consideration.
Posted by: looch

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 02/04/20 12:55 PM

Hello everyone, a friend and I are looking to stretch the legs out on a few of our AR'S and would love to find a place to set up as far as 1000m but we'd also be interested in anything at least 300m. We aren't competitive shooters and we are very mature, I'm the young one (36 yo) and have 11yrs of service, 3 of which were spent down range and really just miss my range days. Both of us are willing to compensate or even allow for others to join us. We are in central VA but willing to travel a couple of hours if need be. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Posted by: Stevevfd

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 02/18/20 09:50 PM

I am also looking for a place to shoot. I would pay/put in labor/purchase steel targets to be left there. I am in a northern Virginia so I would want something within an hour or hour and a half drive. I am a LEO, handle firearms safely, and have some rifles that need some distance.
Posted by: smartcar

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 02/22/20 09:01 PM


If you are willing to do a bit of paperwork and get cleared to go onto Marine Corps Base Quantico, I will invite you as a guest for a day when Range 4 is running 600 to 1000 yd shoots.

PS: If you don't want to do the paperwork, you won't get on the base. New DoD/USMC Regulation...

PM me offline for more details.

Posted by: Duncan0512

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 02/23/20 06:41 AM

Hate to butt In on thread but me and my son are from southwest va been in Richmond do 6 years now nowhere near but the lil shoot range o. Midlothian turn pike we would be willing to pay work or whatever you need to come shoot with you guys we live off newbys bridge rd in chesterfield I seen you said that you may have land near there so we got all excited!! If not I understand most people arenít interested in new people on their land but we promise and can even put something in writing just let us know either way please thanks for your time !! Chris Duncan 5406411013 of have and more questions feel free to call or txt!!
Posted by: crittw71

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 02/26/20 01:46 AM

Hello All. New member here looking for the same as these folks. Anyone here with land for distance practice? shottylova2, I will send you a PM in a moment. I am in Chesterfield as well. Looking to get a new Mossberg Precision broken in and zeroed in before going on the next hunt.

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated. Of course, I am willing to pay and will make certain we leave things better than we find it!

Posted by: bs77

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 03/24/20 06:45 PM

I am looking for someone close to Hampton Roads with public land where I can confirm zero of 2 rifles. Not looking to shoot all day or inconvenience anyone. The ranges are all closed here due to the virus and Iíd like to be sure that I have a current zero just in case. Please PM me or reply here if you know anything. Thank you.
Posted by: Bigbuck2013down

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 03/27/20 05:35 PM

Also looking for 300 yards to shoot on, wouldn't mind paying a few bucks or even putting in some farm labor. Any leads would be appreciated.
Posted by: chupapa

Re: Private Land For Target Shooting - 04/19/20 03:37 PM

Hello All

I am looking for a private land to play with my AR in Greater Richmond Area, won't mind to commute 30-45 min

willing to pay for a fee