Fishing license

Posted by: ronin7015

Fishing license - 04/06/20 10:46 AM

What is the age they start enforcing the need for a fishing license in Virginia, I want to take my son who is 14, but didn't know is I have to get him one or not. Thanks.
Posted by: fishtanker

Re: Fishing license - 04/06/20 11:54 AM

16 is when you need one. Hes good.
Posted by: panic788

Re: Fishing license - 04/06/20 12:24 PM

If it is something that he is genuinely interested in, and you don't foresee either of you moving in the near future, consider the lifetime license available from DGIF. Might save you a couple of bucks over the long haul.
Posted by: Ar_allstar

Re: Fishing license - 04/21/20 08:41 AM