Bay or Ocean, by Bank Boat or Pier 2021

Posted by: panic788

Bay or Ocean, by Bank Boat or Pier 2021 - 03/12/21 10:22 PM

Anyone hit the water yet with any success? I am itching to get to salt fishing this year and I am scoping out some spots on the map. Just figured out that Maryland has reciprocity with VA, which opens up even more options. Last year is was mostly croaker, reds and speckled trout, with sharks and rays mixed in.
Posted by: Downhillshot

Re: Bay or Ocean, by Bank Boat or Pier 2021 - 03/30/21 09:21 AM

I don't get to salty water very often. But when I was out last year only came across croaker and speckled trout. Sure wouldn't mind reeling in a shark or ray. What kind of setup is good for that.
Posted by: panic788

Re: Bay or Ocean, by Bank Boat or Pier 2021 - 03/31/21 08:59 PM

I made it out to a pier in Ocean City, MD last weekend. There were some blues jumping, but couldn't get anything to bite. I had a highlow rig out on one rod, and was tossing an acme kastmaster on another rod. Fella next to me was getting some strikes on a soft plastic, but nothing actually taking it. Osprey was a show off and had 3 sizable blues in the same amount of time that me and the other guy got skunked.

As for the rays and sharks last year, when I last landed a ray, it was on a short steel leader with a 3/0 circle hook 30lb braid, salted shrimp for bait. 3 foot dogfish on 12lb mono and a 1/0 circle. Somehow got him in just before the teeth finally nicked the line. Black tip also was on the 3/0 steel leader. Not sure they are necessarily good for it, but it worked. I usually go for blues, stripers and red fish, but enjoy any.

Normally I am wading through creeks looking for bass and cats and sometimes trout. I just started to get back into fishing again more seriously in the last two years after an extended hiatus. Grew up spending summers fishing with my PopPop, and when he passed, I just didn't get to it as much. Been doing it more, and hopefully he is happy watching me.