camping chairs

Posted by: wscrst

camping chairs - 05/11/19 11:27 AM

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a solid but inexpensive camping chair that sits low to the ground? I am thinking old school aluminum but my on line searches return more modern chairs.
Posted by: the cwa

Re: camping chairs - 05/11/19 06:14 PM

When you say "sits low to the ground", are you looking for a hunting type chair? If you don't need something rated for more than 250lbs, the cheap seasonal chairs like Walmart sells are the best deal for the money. $10 or so and they last for awhile. For the 300lb+ rated chairs, you'll be lucky to find them for $20 and most will be oversized and taller, "fatboy friendly" if you will.
Posted by: wscrst

Re: camping chairs - 05/17/19 03:32 PM

Thanks. None of us weigh more than 180lbs. I want something to use around the campire, next to the pool, etc. I will check out walmart.