Didja Know?

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Didja Know? - 02/05/18 08:11 PM

Blacksburg, Virginia.

"...Zhao was arrested after a detective saw him attach a 30 round magazine to a rifle.

Both are legal separately, but when joined, by law, they're considered as an assault weapon and illegal for people using similar visa's..."


"...The judge said if Yunsong Zhao was granted bond, immigration officials would most likely remove him from the country, which wouldn't allow the court to try him on his charge...."
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Re: Didja Know? - 02/05/18 10:53 PM

This story is kinda kookie. If you look around at other sites they talk about the vice president of affairs for the school that firearms aren't allowed on campus, yet others stories say that he had the rifle stored in the schools gun lockers. So what is it, who doesn't have their head and hole wired correctly? Plus if this was a 20 rounder pinned from a 30, why is he even still sitting locked up and having to pay this corrupt and inept system to prove their incompetence?

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Re: Didja Know? - 02/06/18 11:09 PM

Police were alerted after Zhao purchased a 30 round magazine on January 22 and an AR-15 rifle on January 25.


Virginia law does not allow people with Student Visas to own semi-automatic center-fire rifles equipped with a magazine which will hold more than 20 rounds.


"...(In Virginia)There are no magazine restrictions. If a magazine can hold more than 20 rounds the state of Virginia considers it an "assault weapon" and the person must comply with Virginia's "assault weapons" laws.

I was not aware that, a 20+ magazine turns an AR into an "Assault Rifle".
I thought this was a city law in only a couple southern DC cities (NOVA).
So I looked up the law and "Assault weapons" are defined as a semi-automatic, center-fire, firearm equipped with a folding stock, or equipped at the time with a magazine capable of holding more than 20 rounds, or capable of accommodating a silencer/suppressor.


News reports also say Zhao is not a lawfully admitted U.S. citizen and also tried to purchase 5000 rounds of ammo and possibly a bulletproof vest.

He sounds like another Cho in the making. At least they stopped this guy.

Soooo, is someone else going to be in trouble as well...possibly a dealer or maybe private citizen for selling this nut a gun?