Your Primers

Posted by: Phoenixgunner4141

Your Primers - 12/05/20 07:41 AM

So you have a brick of primers.

Maybe small rifle or even small pistol!

That's great!

WTF makes you think they are worth 100, 150 or even 200$?

I think it makes you look like a fool, and are part of the problem. I'll never do business with you...
When primers are in stock they can be had for around 40$ per.

No one is trading a pickup truck for a case of CCI, get.over yourselves.

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Re: Your Primers - 12/05/20 12:23 PM

Totally agree with you. Don’t know what some people are smoking. But people have freedom to waste money any way they want. But they won’t get that price from me. 😂
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Re: Your Primers - 12/05/20 01:24 PM

You are absolutely right
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Re: Your Primers - 12/05/20 02:15 PM

100% agreed... BUT there are folks actually paying upwards of $200 for a brick. Yes it is sickening from both sides.
That being said any object is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
Its as simple as you stated, I will never do business with someone that decides to gouge pricing. And that choice is mine, just as someone chooses to pay $200 for a brick.

Just my opinion.
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Re: Your Primers - 12/05/20 02:48 PM

This one here takes the cake.
Posted by: Phoenixgunner4141

Re: Your Primers - 12/05/20 04:38 PM

Originally Posted By: Jimmm
This one here takes the cake.

Posted by: Jimmm

Re: Your Primers - 12/05/20 05:17 PM

With ubc, there is no premium on the private market because there is no longer any private market.
Posted by: jr45

Re: Your Primers - 12/10/20 07:33 PM

I have seen some listed on the retailers’ site from our neighbors to the north. I wonder if this primer shortage is a larger problem for the US?
Posted by: Josh_R

Re: Your Primers - 12/21/20 10:41 AM

I went to green top this past weekend to get some supplies, had no idea about “ the great primer shortage of2020” until an associate told me. He said people are charging up to $300 for a brick. So I got on VaGunTrader, only to find someone charging $200/1000. Absolutely ridiculous. Green top was completely sold out btw
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Re: Your Primers - 12/27/20 03:11 PM

You know it is nice to have friends, I had just finished 2 builds 556 and 300 aac pistols and found I couldn't find Small rifle primers anywhere except Canada and they won't sell them to US. A fellow shooter at my Range sold me a brick of 1000 for what the sticker on the box said $30, I told him he could probably get $100 for them on line he said "that ain't my style $30 bucks is what I paid for em".
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Re: Your Primers - 02/13/21 10:08 PM

They don't think they're worth 200 anymore, they are 400 a brick now.
Posted by: FastEddy

Re: Your Primers - 02/14/21 07:51 AM

There is a guy in Chester, who as of 8-ish AM this morning, selling them for $125 per thousand. A person could use the small rifle or SP magnum primers in an auto pistol – unless that pistol is a Hi Point ... smile
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Re: Your Primers - 03/12/21 07:18 AM

In February 2020 Boeing Stock suddenly dipped to $26/share. I bought some. Wish I had bought more. Because today Boeing stock is $252.00.

How can a stock that only costs $26 barely a year ago suddenly sell for $252.00? I think that's gouging. At its worst.

Primers are little different than the above example. The law of supply and demand should not apply to free market prices.

If anyone has any $26 Boeing stock laying around I will gladly pay you $27.00 a share for it. PM me.
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Re: Your Primers - 03/12/21 07:48 AM

Anyone that wants to sell any primers for normal retail price, I'll buy all you have.
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Re: Your Primers - 03/20/21 11:59 PM

***still not doing business with anyone gouging***
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Re: Your Primers - 03/21/21 06:59 PM

So far, the mental midgets who believe that price gouging is a real thing have 45, 1, 10, and 35 posts, respectively. Only one has been around for more than 6 months. One has been banned. crazy
Posted by: A Virginian

Re: Your Primers - 03/21/21 08:57 PM

Miller Hardware in Stevens City had primers for $15/100 last week.