Our organization provides private 1 on 1, or small group classes (Max of 4) for pistol training, Modern Sporting Rifle/AR-15 training, or combination of each. Half-Day, Full-Day, and Multi-Day sessions available.

We do not provide cookie cutter classes or training. We will work with you to find out your experience, previous training/experience, and we tailor all training around YOUR personal, family, professional, or competition goals.

We can come to your facility, or we can provide a private range in SW VA.

As the lead instructor, I have over 25 years of shooting experience as an armed professional, and nearly 20 years of teaching experience. As a former Marine, former Police Officer, retired Navy SEAL, Emergency Medical Technician, as well as a husband and father, I can relate to a variety of circumstances as they pertain to your shooting and personal protection goals, and tailor training to meet your individual needs. I'm an NRA certified instructor, and have previously been the Chief Tactical Shooting Instructor, and the Chief Close Quarters & Urban Combat Instructor for all East Coast based SEAL Teams.

If you are sworn/full time Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, or Active Military, we do not charge tuition if the training is held at our range. If you are not Mil or a First Responder, we will work with you on price, as we firmly believe everyone should have access to top quality training, regardless of income level.

More information about our organization and services we provide can be found here:


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