Just another case of cold feet, I presume. This member stated that he wanted my $15 stock that I have posted, so I told him that I would mark it, “SPF.” He thanked me and we then attempted to work out a time to meet. He said that he was from Orange, and that he works three miles down the road from my location in Madison. This all seems convenient enough, right? Instead of following through after committing to buy my item, (after all, that’s what this post is about... certainly not the $15) he broke contact with me 24 days ago. I have attempted to reach out several times, and no response. Make no mistake, I get it, things come up, but have the courtesy to let me know. If a member changes his mind over a mere fifteen dollars and ceases communication, what happens when he commits to a much heftier purchase?

The only purpose of this post is to bring attention to the recurring issue of following through and sticking to your word. I have no problem whatsoever that he (I assume) changed his mind. What I have a problem with is the lack of communication and not letting me know what the deal is.
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