I thought you were supposed to slow down as you get older.
Been busy the past month or so between driving and guns.
Tried my hand at doing some stock work for a customer.
The first is a P17 Enfield in 300 Weatherby that was in real bad condition.
I first Cerakoted all the metal in Elite Midnight as there was a lot of rust.
The stock was a old fajen stock and the wrist was broke.
Ordered a replacement stock from Boyds and went to fitting and sanding on it.
Drilled and bedded the two stock bolts which isnt as easy as it looks!
I ghosted a gray stain over a cherry stain to achive the color you see and then cleared it with matt cerakote, everything turned out well just waiting on the scope now.
Been shooting some Barret bronze Cerakote lately,I like the color.
Springfield XD in Barret bronze and FDE.
Lastly THE AR pistol.
Zombie Green Battle Worn....With BLOOD, man this thing turned out cool!!!





"It will be fine after the swelling go's down"