( R) denotes rifle range, (P) denotes Pistol range (MP) denotes Multi-Purpose Range(s)

Action Shooting Sports Matches and Practices (MP)
GET IN ON THE FUN! - Shoot steel, paper, and moving targets! IDPA & USPSA style shooting events. If you like to run, gun, and have fun please attend the “orientation” session ($10) on 3/28 @ 9am . MATCH EVENTS are on the first Saturday every month at 9AM. Fees and details will be announced on the I WLL calendar. . Members shoot for less! ACTION WEDNESDAY PRACTICE: Practice your skills and learn with coaching on the third Wednesday of every month from 10am to 1pm on the pistol range. Additional practices will be held from 6pm to 8pm on the following Thursdays: 5/7, 6/11, 7/9, 8/13, and 9/10 Contact Tony Unroe - tony.l.unroe70@gmail.com for more details and event announcements.

COWBOY SHOOTS(MP) –SASS(Single Action Shooting Society) Single action revolvers, lever rifles in pistol calibers, “hammer” shotguns, original and replica. Steel targets, multiple scenarios. $10 fee per match, 9:30AM registration. MANDATORY 9:45AM safety meeting. Dates - 3/21,4/18, 5/16,6/20,7/18,8/15,9/19, 10/17
Contact Harold Brizendine brizco@aol.com

VINTAGE AS ISSUED MILITARY RIFLE MATCH( R) , Saturday 3/21 , 5/16, 7/18 start @ 9:30 AM – Iron sights - all at 200 yd. Cash awards to winner AND one lucky shooter drawn at random. $20 fee , $18 for Ikes.
Contact George Venable, shootergdv@yahoo.com

MODIFIED F CLASS – 300 yard rifle match –(R) Prone slow fire, sandbags & other rests allowed. Any centerfire rifle, multiple classes. $18 fee Ikes, $20 for the rest of the world. Give it a shot.(Pun intended!)
SUNDAY 4/26 , 11 AM START. SATURDAY 10/24(1st relay starts as soon as line is full, no later than 9 AM).
Contact George 434-821-4175 shootergdv@yahoo.com

CMP APPROVED JOHN C. GARAND MATCH (R) – 200 yard -. $20 fee CASH AWARDS for winner AND one lucky shooter drawn at random. Date –Saturday 4/11 (8:30 AM Registration) George, shootergdv@yahoo.com

NRA APPROVED HIGH POWER RIFLE LEAGUE(R) – 200 YDS. , 500 aggregate, shoot 4 matches to qualify for awards.Individual match fee is $15 . Dates- 5/9, 6/13, 7/11, 8/8, 9/12, 10/10 gates open by 8:00 AM
Shooting starts at 8:45AM all matches. Questions? George shootergdv@yahoo.com

.22 RIFLE MATCH Sunday 4/5(NOON start) –Two targets , 10 sighters, 50 shots for record, $15 fee. Registration begins 1 hour before match start. Detailed flyer will be posted. Contact George shootergdv@yahoo.com

INTRODUCTION TO SILHOUETTE SHOOTING ( R)July 25- Sign up 9AM , $2 Range fee for adults, $1 for youngsters. Tom Graves , 434-841-9975 thomas.w.graves@gmail.com , Kevin & Marlene Gray ktmsgray@aol.com 434-385-7838

IWLL OPEN HOUSE August 22 – Entire Park is open to the public – ranges will be open with various free trial activities Action Pistol (SASS, bowling pins,steel plates/etc.) Help out our guests at the Range ! For info www.iwla.org/lynchburg