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#1971242 - 01/16/23 02:07 PM Brace Law?
GreyGhost77 Offline
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It has not been enforced yet, but does this mean I have to register all my AR pistols? What if I have a lower that uses many different uppers in different lengths? I have several lowers that I use different uppers with as I like changing things up? Does this mean that lower has to be registered to the upper and stay on that lower so i can only have 1 gun as a sbr and can't change to different uppers? Wow this law seems to suck!


#1971719 - 01/17/23 07:26 PM Re: Brace Law? [Re: GreyGhost77]
Com 45acp Offline

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I would think the deciding factor would involve how the lower was classified when you purchased it, Rifle, pistol or other. Once an upper receiver is mated with the lower receiver that in itself determines what the firearm is (rifle or pistol) if the lower was classified as other at time of purchase. This does not allow you to change from pistol to rifle or vice versa.

But new ATF rule says you can change your pistol to a rifle if you donít want to register it. Just like them waving the stamp fee, I would not think they have the authority to allow that but I could be wrong. Someone is gonna come collect this $200 at some point I would think. 20 million plus AR pistols xís $200 tax stamp is a lot of money especially with the back log this will do to the system.

#1980712 - 02/11/23 10:31 PM Re: Brace Law? [Re: GreyGhost77]
tsavo303 Offline
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Not a law. If itís a pistol and you want to keep the brace on it , you are supposed to register or convert To rifle. Thereís no way they can process the applications in the time frame before mandatory rejection of a form 1, so itís probably a trap. ďPlease document that your firearm will be illegal with pics and submit to us with your form .Ē Lol. No thanks.
Just take the brace off until this crap is squashed.

#1981352 - 02/13/23 05:11 PM Re: Brace Law? [Re: Com 45acp]
wagonpaint Offline

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Its my understanding that you can change the designation of a pistol lower to a rifle, but not a rifle to a pistol, so id imagine once these pistols are registered as SBRs, they cant be changed back.

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#1993408 - 03/21/23 07:06 PM Re: Brace Law? [Re: GreyGhost77]
vern116 Offline
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For what it's worth. I chose to go ahead and register my AR pistol filed form 1 on 02/02/23 received approval today. I get that some folks are choosing to wait it out. To me I figured might as well get it over with and getting approved means I can do away with the brace and put a real butt stock on it.

#1993423 - 03/21/23 07:29 PM Re: Brace Law? [Re: GreyGhost77]
ajmoog Offline

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I just took brace off until they overturn this nonsense