Short notice, as usual, from the Governor. Surely his isn't trying to keep gun owners from showing up so he can stack the deck?

Another round-table on the Governor's gun-control agenda is happening in Hampton on Monday, June 24th at 7:30 pm (closed session for "activists and community leaders" starts at 6:30 pm). Funny I don't recall being invited to that closed session as an activist. I'll bet they totaly forgot to ask the NRA and GOA, too.

Let's fill the room and ask the tough questions! I suggest arriving early so you can get good seats.

Thanks to member Volpe Boykin for the link:

Gun violence prevention roundtable will be held in Hampton Monday
By Marie Albiges
Staff writer

Community leaders and the public will have a chance to air their concerns about gun safety and related legislation on Monday in Hampton.
In the lead up to next month’s General Assembly special session called by Gov. Ralph Northam, members of his cabinet have been holding “gun violence emergency” roundtable discussions about firearms around the state.
Northam ordered the special session a few days after the Virginia Beach mass shooting, where 12 people and the gunman were killed in the city’s Municipal Center on May 31.
Northam asked the Republican-led General Assembly to have an “open and transparent debate” on gun safety.
The roundtable in Hampton will include Brian Moran, the secretary of public safety and homeland security.
The first hour of the meeting — for advocates and community leaders — will be closed to the public but open to the media. After that, Moran will open the forum up to the public.
Last week, roundtable discussions were held in Alexandria, Fairfax, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Abingdon.
The governor and his fellow Democratic lawmakers are bringing a slew of gun safety bills to the special session, including universal background checks, a statewide ban on gun suppressors and extended magazines and the ability of localities to regulate guns in government buildings. Republican leaders have killed such bills in the past and signaled they’ll push for harsher sentencing laws in the special session, including mandatory minimums Northam has vowed to veto.
The roundtable will be held at the Hampton Main Library at 4207 Victory Blvd. The closed session for community leaders starts at 6:30 p.m., followed by the open forum at 7:30 p.m.
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