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#1693821 - 11/17/20 11:36 AM Thinking about starting
Andrew Ware Offline
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Hey all! I have been considering getting into reloading for a while. As I have found in my research it is expensive to start into. I also have noticed reloading components ,such as primers, have been hard to come by lately. Is it a worthwhile endeavor to get into right now? Has everyone still had a hard time finding stuff? Thanks for the info.

#1693839 - 11/17/20 12:19 PM Re: Thinking about starting [Re: Andrew Ware]
mequirky Offline
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Primers are tough to find, a lot of component manufacturers are delayed quite a fit. Think you can still find the hardware at reasonable prices but if you want a top end press you may have to wait a bit.
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#1693893 - 11/17/20 03:46 PM Re: Thinking about starting [Re: Andrew Ware]
dragnhart Offline
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Agree with mequirky.... Primers are tough to come by, but so is some ammo (223/5.56, 9mm.. etc) primers are going at a premium as you can see on here and other Sites. Some folks are taking advantage of the shortage. Even ammo is going for a premium. I have seen it as high as $50 for a box of 50rd for 9mm. With prices like that, yes its worth reloading. But as everything else runs in cycles, I am sure the prices will come down just like it did for 22lr a few years back.
reloading is a labor of love... or love of labor smile it has its advantages.
If you get your stock of supplies up, you don't have to worry about the next ammo scare.

hope this helps a little

#1694444 - 11/19/20 10:51 AM Re: Thinking about starting [Re: dragnhart]
jr45 Offline
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reloading is a labor of love... or love of labor smile

Yep! If you donít enjoy it, it will not be worth it. Also, it is a significant initial monetary investment.

#1728342 - 02/13/21 10:13 PM Re: Thinking about starting [Re: Andrew Ware]
thastinger Offline
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You're not going to save any money reloading.

That said, you can probably make better ammo, with patience and knowledge, for about the same you could buy it for (pre covid)

#1761089 - 05/05/21 01:50 PM Re: Thinking about starting [Re: Andrew Ware]
shootergdv Offline

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If you bought components 1-2 years ago, you save a bundle on your completed ammo now - and you can still shoot . After the "Desert Storm" shortage in 90's , this is a repeating cycle, this time being worse. Somebody else out here has a press that they bought before they realized components were scarce - wait and buy a quality press from a discouraghed wannabe or get lucky at a yard/estate sale. When primers/et al come down to whatever our new normal will be, stock up every chance you get. I don't think we'll see $30/1000 primers again . Inflation alone will boost prices and demand ain't slowing for a while .