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#1660168 - 07/20/20 10:45 AM Re: Universal Background Check (UBC) Exemptions [Re: pfomin]
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An amended order was issued, it states "The Department of State police and all law enforcement divisions, agencies, and officers within the Commonwealth, are hereby enjoined from enforcing Virginia Code Section 18.2-308.2:5 in the context of handgun sales to adults under the age of 21."

#1748673 - 03/30/21 04:08 PM Re: Universal Background Check (UBC) Exemptions [Re: pfomin]
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Originally Posted By: pfomin
Starting 01 July 2020, UBC law comes into play in VA. That being said, there are several listed provisions for exemptions. I copied the law paragraph below and want to ensure that I am reading it correctly. As I understand it, Antiques and C&R items are EXEMPT. Please school me:

I. The provisions of this section shall not apply to (i) transactions between persons who are licensed as firearms importers or collectors, manufacturers or dealers pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 921 et seq.; (ii) purchases by or sales to any law-enforcement officer or agent of the United States, the Commonwealth or any local government, or any campus police officer appointed under Article 3 ( 23.1-809 et seq.) of Chapter 8 of Title 23.1; or (iii) antique firearms, curios or relics.

This thread got sidetracked pretty quick but here's my take on the question you originally asked:

I'm not a lawyer, but the way I read this statement, it seems to suggest that Curio and Relic items as well as antiques are exempt from needing a UBC. Having a C&R license doesn't impact this; its the items themselves that are exempt.

I am a C&R holder, and called in on the original VSP/ATF webinar. State police blatantly spread misinformation (said I should be doing background checks on all my transactions prior to these laws.... as if I have access to NICS system...ATF website clearly says I don't need to do this), so I don't trust anything they say. I spoke with an ATF agent and he confirmed my assumption... but again ,he's not a lawyer either.

I would be very interested to hear this confirmed by a lawyer. IT should also be very clearly displayed on the forum. That would in effect re-open a lot of private sales that people who don't know the law assume was banned.

#1752615 - 04/10/21 08:52 AM Re: Universal Background Check (UBC) Exemptions [Re: pfomin]
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post deleted - wrong forum

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#1760481 - 05/03/21 04:15 PM Re: Universal Background Check (UBC) Exemptions [Re: pfomin]
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The post linked above in re C&R may be gone ?
Thinking of selling a 1944 Springfield M1 - is this a C&R or is UBC required ?

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