Here I will use this thread to reflect current in-stock items in our live ammunition and processed brass areas. List will be updated once weekly.
(Updated 9/16/21)

In Stock:

New Man. .270 Winchester 130gr. Ballistic Tip - $33.99/box
New Man. .270 Winchester 150gr. Soft Point - $34.99/box
New Man. .45 Colt 185gr. JHP - $34.99/box
New Man. .44 Special 200gr. LRNFP - $39.99/box
New Man. 7mm Rem Mag 140gr Ballistic Tip- $41.99/box

Remanufactured .308 160gr Ballistic Tip - $15.99/box
Remanufactured 30-06 Springfield 180gr. Ballistic Tip - $24.99/box
*One Box Left!* Remanufactured 300 Win Mag 180gr. Ballistic Tip- $39.99/Box

Speer Lawman .45 ACP 230gr - $35/box
Speer Lawman .40 S&W 180gr - $35/box

Processed Brass*Processed brass only tumbler, de-primed, swaged, and sized*
40 S&W
38 Special
357 Magnum
.308 Winchester
30-06 Springfield

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