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#1596066 - 02/16/20 06:37 PM Training for Eastern Shore Rifle Team - please pass to kids 13+ who you know may be interested
david poyer Offline

Registered: 12/11/11
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Loc: Virginia
City or County: Northampton County

Welcome to one of the fastest growing sports in the country! NOAAWIVA hosts a Civilian Marksmanship Program and NRA affiliated junior service rifle team.
We compete in Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, and at the National Matches in Ohio. If you’re a US citizen 13 or over, you’re eligible for the Team.
We teach firearms safety, marksmanship, and self-discipline while having a lot of fun sending small objects flying at supersonic speeds with incredibly loud noise . . . accurately.
To join, email <nhp@poyer.com> to get on the email list, sign on to our Facebook page (NOAAWIVA Junior Rifle Team), and show up at our first Spring Training meet on Saturday March 21, 2020, at noon SHARP or earlier. Rain or shine – we have a heated clubhouse and a covered firing line. The NOAAWIVA range is 300 yards due east from Rt. 13 on Chincoteague Road. (Look for a turnoff into the woods on the right.) Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts and bring a billed cap. We’ll bring the rifles, snacks, soft drinks, and the instructors. There is no charge for juniors for Spring Training. Boys and girls are both welcome - a previous team captain is now head of her ROTC Unit at Virginia Tech. Others of our previous juniors are now in the Army and Marines.
Questions, 757 442-3013 or (757) 710-0294.
See you there!

Note to Parents and Guardians

The Junior Service Rifle Team is closely supervised and meticulously safety-oriented. Here’s a short discussion of what’s required.
Service Rifle is the ultimate contest of pure marksmanship skill. The Shore's team is based out of the NOAAWIVA Sportsmen's Club at T's Corner.
This exacting sport is demanding in a different way from football, baseball, track, etc. It builds self control, attention to detail, and self confidence. It's a great way for kids 13 and up to learn responsibility. Girls and women are fully represented in this sport and on our team!
For a prospective new team member, the first requirement is to report to Spring Training Day session #1 on March 21. Be there NO LATER than noon! No charge for Spring Training! All gear and ammo is provided.
Have your kid bring the following items to Spring Training:

- long pants, sturdy shoes or boots, and a warm coat
- heavy gloves
- a billed hat
- glasses if required for everyday activities or for reading
- pen and notebook
- any meds or other special items your kid might need

We will provide: cookies, soft drinks, ear protection, eye protection, rifles and ammo.
If you are or become a member of NOAAWIVA, later on we can issue Club rifles to you for your kid’s use. We also have coats, stools, mitts, scopes, and other gear we issue to Team members.
If you’re not a NOAAWIVA member, and you want to join, you may join by attending our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, 7 PM at the range.
The first year, a new competitor should try to make the spring training events and the monthly practice matches at T’s Corner. The second year, attend the monthly matches at Bridgeville, then the Eastern Games at Butner, NC, and when ready, the Nationals in Ohio. But each competitor can advance at his or her own pace!

Here are the points of contact for the Team:
Jim Brady, (410) 251-3811. Team Captain.
Dave Poyer, (757) 442-3013. Team Manager
Assistant manager Dix Tarrand 894-7314
Junior Team Coach Brett Vincent, (757) 710-0294

#1794595 - 08/14/21 04:06 PM Re: Training for Eastern Shore Rifle Team - please pass to kids 13+ who you know may be interested [Re: david poyer]
david poyer Offline

Registered: 12/11/11
Posts: 10
Loc: Virginia
City or County: Northampton County
We will be doing something new later this month, Saturday 28 August at NOAAWIVA: our very first Offhand Only practice match. After training session starting at 1200 sharp, we will shoot four slow-fire ten-round strings of offhand (standing) starting at 1300. This will be a good chance to try slight changes in your hold and stance and see how tight you can squeeze those offhand groups in. (Hint: It’s always hard at first.) All Team juniors are eligible!

I also brought some goodies back from Nationals! Prizes will be awarded as follows, ranked by the highest total of all 40 shots:

First place junior – cool trophy, 100 rounds of match grade 600-yard ammo, a new CMP sweatshirt, and $50 cash

Second place – 50 rounds match grade 300-yard ammo, a new CMP T-shirt, and $25 cash

Third place – 50 rounds 100/200 yard ammo and $20 cash

All other competitors – choice of CMP pins, decals, keychains, magazines, and pens. Everyone who finishes the match wins something!

Adult team members will also be able to shoot on lanes remaining once all juniors are squadded. Also, we need adult members present, to serve as trainers and range safety observers. But no trophies or prizes for adults – they should be competing at Bridgeville and Quantico official matches!

Want to significantly increase your chances of winning? Place a 6-minute black spot at eye level in your backyard. (6” diameter at 100 yards, 3” diameter at 50 yards, 1.5” diameter at 25 yards). Suit up in all your issue gear! Lace that coat tight! Dry fire 20 good “shots”, then put everything away. Repeat several times this month and then for three days in a row just before the match. You’ll be surprised how much steadier you get with dry fire practice!

Mark your calendars for the 28th!