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#1827074 - 11/24/21 08:59 AM Jimbo / road warrior / single shot
OldBay Offline
Crabcakia Refugee

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Jimbo left us last night after a heart attack.

Gonna miss that man.

#1827077 - 11/24/21 09:19 AM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
mequirky Offline
Conversion Madness

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Jimbo (aka RoadWarrior/SingleShot) had lost his leg a few years ago and a lot of members here stepped up to help him and his wife Roxy get through it. My prayers to Roxy and his family. Jimbo will be missed.
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#1827089 - 11/24/21 09:44 AM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Dadcpu Offline
Potty Mouth Grandpa

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Jimbo was a great guy, always a smile and he will be missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.
R.I.P. Jimmy!
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#1827124 - 11/24/21 12:04 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
quietman Offline

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Road was always a great guy to chat with in the shout box. He will be missed. R.I.P Road.
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#1827125 - 11/24/21 12:04 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
SgtSquishySquash Offline
Belt Fed

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Road Warrior was one of the good ones. Would mule things for members on here and expect nothing in return. Really sad to hear he has passed. Now he's shifting gears on a gold highway somewhere!
Semper Fidelis
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If They Stand Beside You, Give Them Respect
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#1827128 - 11/24/21 12:09 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
The Corps Offline

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Will take a shot of whisky for ya sir, RIP. Of course, i will wait until i get off of work smirk
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#1827133 - 11/24/21 12:24 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
JiveBunny Offline

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Roadwarrior was the quintessential pure soul. A terrible loss to his family and friends. An incredible source of good for the heavens.

Rest in peace.

#1827136 - 11/24/21 12:43 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Tyronyglock40man Offline

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Damnit Jimbo I’m gonna miss you dude , loved giving him some bull but good guy to talk guns and hunting with , hold it down brother until we meet again my friend !

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#1827140 - 11/24/21 12:58 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
P3Bill Offline

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Jim fought the good fight for many years. He was a friend to all at VaGT. Back in the day when we could still deal mano-a-mano, Jim would readily mule deals around the state. Even after his run-in with that pesky nail, he was always upbeat and ready to help. Jim and L.B Williams were some of the first guys I dealt with hers. RIP Jimbo. All you have to do is take a look at Roadwarrior's list of UBB Buddies and you will see a great members contributions.


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#1827141 - 11/24/21 01:14 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Big_Country Offline
Bolt action

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My most sincere condolences.

#1827142 - 11/24/21 01:18 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
JG Offline
Tactical Tommy Commando

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RIP Buddy. My prayers go out to your family.

#1827458 - 11/25/21 12:43 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
troutnut Offline
Fish fear me.

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RIP Jim and condolences to his family. One of the first guys i really met on here other than just a deal . Couldn't ask for a nicer guy , he would do anything for anyone.

#1827896 - 11/26/21 11:13 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Racin Junkie Offline
AKA "Gun Show Junkie"

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Rest in Peace my friend.
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#1828449 - 11/28/21 07:02 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Evan_Rosser Offline
Single barrel

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City or County: Stafford
Didn't know him, but a long timer on VAGT is a a good man. Rip

#1828450 - 11/28/21 07:04 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
highlandscot Offline
Does not suffer fools

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Godspeed to eternity my friend. You will be missed back here.
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#1828451 - 11/28/21 07:08 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
fd828 Offline
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It is hard too think Jim is gone. We all will miss him. If you never met him you have missed meeting a great man that made you feel like you knew him all your life.

God I pray you will wrap your arms around his friends and family and may they feel you comfort around them and grant them peace
Lord keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.
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#1828457 - 11/28/21 07:23 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
1cold6pack Offline
Stamp Collector

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It was good talking to you Jimbo.

#1828497 - 11/28/21 09:02 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
the cwa Offline

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Rest in peace brother. You will be missed.
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#1828574 - 11/29/21 08:00 AM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
mmc-ret Offline
General Nuisance

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City or County: norfolk
My dear friend we hunted and fished together LOVED you more than a brother and no way in HELL will I ever post the other stuff we did but man we sure had a ride I will se ya again someday Buddy . Nick
Hate when that happens

#1829281 - 12/01/21 04:31 AM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
num1fordfan Offline

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Rip jimbo

#1830276 - 12/04/21 07:38 AM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Algotguns Offline
Gun Loon-atic

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City or County: Piedmont
I am just seeing this. My sincere condolences to Jimbo's family.

#1830891 - 12/05/21 07:36 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: Algotguns]
ktyhawk Offline
General Nuisance

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I'm sorry to hear this. Another good VGT member has gone to a better place.
FJB & C0.

#1830928 - 12/05/21 09:20 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
FordBoy Offline
Bolt action

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Rest easy Sir. frown

#1856473 - 02/17/22 03:29 PM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Wiggins Offline
“Big Bruce Lee”

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Dang! Just finding this out. I remember meeting him in May 2016 for a deal. Solid guy. Rest easy Jimmy.
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#1861515 - 03/02/22 11:38 AM Re: Jimbo [Re: OldBay]
Chingon Offline
I know my first name is Bert.

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Holy crap!!! Rest in Peace, Jimbo. You will be missed.
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