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#1866535 - 03/14/22 08:42 PM trader-randy
the cwa Offline

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Got word in the shoutbox that Randy had a heart attack today and passed.

If anyone can add any info about services or anything like that, please do so.

RIP Randy, you will be missed.


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#1866539 - 03/14/22 08:49 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
FordBoy Offline
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Rest easy good Sir. Will miss seeing you around!

#1866540 - 03/14/22 08:51 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
LaserJock Offline
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The shoutbox won't be the same without you sir randy


#1866542 - 03/14/22 08:52 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Verylargeboots Offline
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Randy was a real American, loved by all. Always willing to help someone in need. He loved his family, and stayed by their side when they needed him the most. He spent countless nights praying and asking our Lord God to take his sister in law off the ventilator. Randy prayed day in and day out for her, and asked others to do the same as she struggled and eventually came off it. Randy put his family before all else. I will always remember Randy. He was a good man, and I cannot say I would be standing here today if it wasn't for him and his benevolent ability to welcome and calm the souls of many. Be well Randy, we all love you, and will carry you with us in our daily walks with God
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#1866550 - 03/14/22 09:01 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Ricardo45 Offline
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Very sad news to hear of Randy's passing.
Always so positive, and so helpful to everyone.
Rest in peace brother Randy, and many prayers to all of your family, and very close friends.

#1866564 - 03/14/22 09:17 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
TimF Offline
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Thank you all. I will update you tomorrow when I hear info on services.

#1866567 - 03/14/22 09:18 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Saiga Shooter Offline
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I will miss the shoutbox conversations

Rest in Peace Randy

#1866568 - 03/14/22 09:21 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
hino895 Offline

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Met Randy for a gun deal at Christmas, we talked for a couple hours standing in the bass pro parking lot.
It is just unbelievable that heís left us at such a young age.
RIP Randy
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#1866574 - 03/14/22 09:40 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Craaber Online   content
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Fair winds and following seas, TR.

#1866575 - 03/14/22 09:41 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
CB95 Offline
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What a loss. Randy was a class act. Always a pleasure to talk with him. He will be missed.
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#1866576 - 03/14/22 09:42 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
203guy Offline
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Good evening everyone. I am glad that someone has broke the news, I was not sure how to do it.

However for all those who are interested. The services will be held at 1457 Todds Lane Hampton, VA 23666.

It will be on Friday March 25 from 6pm to 8pm and Saturday March 26 from 1pm to 3pm.

All who wish to pay their respects feel free. Thank you all once again for your kind words.

#1866581 - 03/14/22 09:54 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: 203guy]
THE.OLD.TC Offline
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I was going through some very dark times last summer after me and my girl split and took my step son back to Texas. I fractured my ankle pretty horribly, in four places. I had no one to help me out, but he did. I couldn't drive. He didn't want me to Uber or anything like that. He took me to appointments, took me to the Rx. We had some very good conversations and I'm still around due to some of them. Rest in peace Randy.
I'm just a guy.

#1866584 - 03/14/22 10:00 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
203guy Offline
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That's just thet type of guy Randy was. Give you the shirt off his back if he though it would do you any good.

#1866585 - 03/14/22 10:01 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
fd828 Offline
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Iam sure going too miss you. You always had encouraging words for me thru the 6 days I spent in ICU with covid in July and now with bladder cancer.
We talked and prayed for your sister. There is NO doubt in my mind where you are. You got too meet your Savior Face too Face

RIP My Brother

Lord keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.
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Let Your search light shine upon me.
Bring to light what is dark,
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#1866591 - 03/14/22 10:41 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
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Requiescat in pace my friend.

We are all diminished...
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#1866592 - 03/14/22 10:43 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
quietman Offline

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Truly sorry to hear this. Always liked randy. He was a valued member of VGT and the Shoutbox. Damn shame when the good folk go early.
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#1866596 - 03/14/22 10:52 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Balco Offline
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randy was in the shoutbox ever since I joined the website a few years back, it wont be the same without him. Rest easy sir.

"When itís time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived." - Thoreau
Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.

#1866627 - 03/15/22 07:10 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Agent19 Offline
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This truly saddens me, Randy was like a brother.
I'm at a lost for words.
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#1866634 - 03/15/22 07:46 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Algotguns Offline
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Very sad news. A person who cared more for others

#1866635 - 03/15/22 07:57 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Big_Country Offline
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RIP Trader sad

#1866752 - 03/15/22 11:50 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Kendo Offline
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I'm gonna miss Mazda for sure

#1866774 - 03/15/22 12:44 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
XDSbob Offline

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Randy was such a great dude. Met up with him several times. The kind of member VGT should be about. Gone too soon.

#1867444 - 03/17/22 08:53 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
The Truth Offline
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RIP Randy. Shoutbox won't be the same without ya, bud.

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#1867530 - 03/17/22 12:06 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
graybeard Offline

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Always enjoyed reading his comments in the SB, was kind to those struggling and needing a helping hand. He will be missed by all.
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#1867915 - 03/18/22 12:18 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
203guy Offline
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The obituary for Sunday. Thank you all again for the kind words.


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