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#1867940 - 03/18/22 01:38 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Dadcpu Offline
Potty Mouth Grandpa

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I'm going to miss Randy, great conversation every day in the SB and a great guy all around. R.I.P. buddy. I never had the chance to meet him in person but he always said Hi Dad and I'm going to miss that.
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#1868180 - 03/19/22 08:06 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Racin Junkie Offline
AKA "Gun Show Junkie"

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Never met him in person but he would always try to help in any way he could.
Rest in Peace sir.
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#1868947 - 03/21/22 08:23 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Colonfree Offline

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#1870068 - 03/24/22 08:00 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
203guy Offline
Pea shooter

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Good morning. Any one who is going to be going to Randy's services either Friday or Saturday, please dress in comfortable attire. We do not expect people to be dressed formal that is not the kind of guy Randy was. Just respectfully.

Thank you.

#1870653 - 03/25/22 06:27 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
1cold6pack Offline
Stamp Collector

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Been waiting to think of something good to say, and I really can't think of anything to say that could make this better, Randy was always up to a good conversation, he will definitely be missed, it is unfortunate. Goodbye T-R

#1870703 - 03/25/22 08:55 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
FordBoy Offline
Bolt action

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Great read. Rest easy good sir! Wish I got to meet you in person.

#1888250 - 05/15/22 08:41 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
puckett804 Offline

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City or County: Richmond
Rest easy randers! Always good talking in the shoutbox.
Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day,
Teach a man to fish, and he will drink beer on a boat all day.

#1893937 - 06/02/22 10:14 AM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Tyronyglock40man Offline

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Man I’m just now hearing about this , Randy was a good dude and had several dealings , he will be missed ! RIP brother
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#1974261 - 01/24/23 12:58 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Lastlaugh Offline
Appalachian American

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Just hearing about this. Randy was a friend, and we did many transactions over the years. He was a good man. We will miss you bud. Get up there and burn up some ammo with Bugzy!!!!

#1991869 - 03/16/23 04:35 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
Agent19 Offline
2A 4 All

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Sadly, it's been just over a year since this fine Gentleman and friend passed.

Brother, you are missed.
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#1991917 - 03/16/23 07:16 PM Re: trader-randy [Re: the cwa]
the cwa Offline

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Wow, it doesn't seem like a year already.

You are still missed Randy.

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