I've been enjoying several of "The Reloaders Network" roll crimp tools, including the 4 pin 20 and 12 gauge versions. My most recent purchase was their 3 pin .410 version, and I was looking forward to using it on some hulls. Decided to load up some squirrel loads for my double barrel, so I roll crimped these Cheddite 2 1/2" .410 hulls. They came out quite nice. I think I like this better than fold crimping. It just looks better to me.

Load was taken from the BPI Cheddite Manual, page 82, with the exception of the roll crimp vice fold crimp, and the # 7 1/2 shot versus #9.

Cheddite 2 1/2" Hull, 13 grains Alliant 410 powder, MG410 wad, 1/2 ounce of shot, overshot card, roll crimp.

All the best,

Roll Crimped 410.jpg