Hello all, I'm posting here because I am relatively new to the area (been living in Fxbg for about 6 months now) and I was wondering where everyone shoots around here. I am familiar with The Range in Stafford and Clark Brothers in Warrenton.

I took a trip back home to Washington State recently and flew my guns out there (if you want my experience flying united with guns, let me know but it was fairly easy). My brother had a pit near his house and we shot for 4 days in a row and it was only ever us out there shooting. I know that out here on the east coast there isn't much public land, but I'd imagine there is someone with a range set up on there property that would allow people to come over and shoot. I know there is near me because I can hear it on the weekends! Anyways, if anyone has any leads and wants to shoot me a PM about it id greatly appreciate it. I want to get my wife and kids more trigger time, but it's a chore to drive all the way up to Warrenton from where I am at. I also don't mind throwing some money and or labor if it helps my cause! Itd just be nice to have a 5-10 min drive to go shoot for an hour or so, instead of a 50 min drive.

I appreciate it! glad to be here.