I just watched a video with a bit more info on this proposed ATF change at https://youtu.be/p-Dil6YZ9rA?si=1zV6XcPkj6afQ04d

I truly want to add comments but like many where do you begin?? Has anyone started to put together a list of different comments to post
that we could cut and paste and share with others? I know if I did something like this it would take a week or more full time to create and craft.
Has anyone seen where comments can be gotten that would help defeat the rule change. I watch youtube videos but I am not versed enough to take that info and create a decent rebuttal to ATF.

Any ideas to do this or create a working group to try?? How and where with what...

Sorry for not having a solid grasp on this but I doubt most gun owners do regarding what the implications are. I know some-you die, can't leave the guns to kids unless a gun trust which is another form of registry in sorts or leaves a non-gun person to handle what would become a felony if sold improperly.