Last summer i bought 1000 LRP from republic ammo for $132 tax, ship and haz, and offered a 3rd group buy with no takers.

This year the total price went up $14/1000.

Screw it, I just bought 2000 LRP and will just not worry about LRP anymore.
My Collection:
Colt-sauer 25-06
Bergara 6.5 creedmoor
Ruger American Gen2 300 BO
Weatherby mark5 30-06
Ruger Hunter .308
Ruger Predator .223
Ruger No.1 .223
Winchester 94 32WS
Browning 81blr .308
Ruger M77 220swift
Remington 513t. 22lr
Browning AFFUT BAR .338 win mag