Selling my cherry bomb build its a 556/223 16in barrel 1/2x28 thread. CMT tac billet upper on Sharps Bros livewire ambi bolt catch lower. Has a Larue MBT trigger i believe its 3 or 4 pounds feels great to shoot, all colored parts are cerakoted. Holoson red dot and lefty stag arms bcg. Selling the rifle with the red dot and 3 mags for $1300. Im willing to sell the rifle with no sight and one magazine for $1100. Either way it sells it does NOT come with a case i didnt get around to buying one for it.

$1300 with red dot and 3 magazines

$1100 with 1 magazine and NO RED DOT

-Jake Hoover

Full Lefty.jpg

Left side close up.jpg

Live wire close up.jpg

Right side long view.jpg

Full cherry.jpg