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I bought this AR15 many years ago from a local police officer here in West Michigan who stated he was a member of SWAT team in Alabama years before I met him. It was his "secondary gun" as he used his shotgun or handgun as his primary weapon for close quarters combat. He said this gun was strapped across his back for easy access. It does have a nylon sling that goes with it that looks like type of sling a person would use to put the gun out of the way across their back.

He stated that his police department in Alabama contracted a military armorer to assemble these guns in the very late 1980's. He was able to buy this gun for his personal use when he left the department.

This AR15 is compromised of a PWA lower, Olympic Arms upper in 45 ACP, and 3 UZI adapted magazines for an AR15 system.


The PWA "Commando" lower has only a 4 digit serial number and original PREBAN. These low serial number PWA PREBAN lowers have been going for $1,000+ as Gunbroker prices denote. I read somewhere the company that made the lowers for PWA is Lewis Machine & Tool ( LMT ) and are the contact company today.


The 45 ACP Olympic upper is very hard to find as those have not been made in many years. This upper alone goes for over $1,000 with just 1 of these original special plate welded magazines.


The 3 special magazines are that of the older UZI brand with the welded plate. These were discontinued many years ago. These very rare HEAVY DUTY magazines were designed for AR15's with 45 ACP uppers. These magazines (if you can even find one) alone were going for $125-$150 EACH a few months ago even before the prices drastically rose. Again, these are very hard to find even ONE...and I have THREE!


You can see the officer mounted a Weaver rail on top of the forend. He told me this was so he could attach a red dot scope to it. And on the left lower side in the front is another Weaver rail. He also told me that was for an attached flashlight.


This setup (The Upper, the Lower, and Magazines) would have went well over $2,100 a few months ago even before prices rose. You just don't see one of these special AR15's show up very often, and especially one that was actually used by a SWAT team.

I have not shot this, it's been sitting in storage for years. Was getting around to using it, but more pressing bills force me to sell it.

The trigger feels really nice, but could not tell you what make\model it is, nor do I want to take this apart to find out.

It comes with a very nice case that holds the 3 magazines...and also a sling that does not show in the pictures, but can take a picture if needed.


$2,100 plus actual shipping.

I will ONLY mail to your FFL and WILL NOT mail to a state that does not accept these components...please know your laws and do not waste both our times with erroneous information. Again, you pay shipping and insurance.

If any questions...please email me at krootsie@gmail.com.

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