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#835990 - 01/01/15 04:52 PM DieselRock, negative
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Okay, I don't usually leave bad feedback. I understand that things come up in peoples lives and meets have to get cancelled, plans changed, etc.

On top of that, Joe seems to be a really nice, personable guy. I really wanted to like him and be able to trust him.

I wish I could have.

Several months ago I listed a high dollar item for sale. DieselRock said he would take it and told me to mark it SPF. He said he wouldn't be able to come up for three weeks, but we set a date for then and he promised that he was good for it.

Two weeks later he checked in to make sure we were still good for that day. I said we were.

The day came and went with no communication. He later apologized, said we would set up another meet and that no matter what he was good for it. Over and over he promised to call and explain to set things up but never followed through. He always had a very good reason.

Eventually, he just stopped communicating. I let it go.

Recently he got back in touch saying he still wanted it. I informed him that I was not sure if I still wanted to sell it but was interested in his pistol that he had listed. He said it was still available and that he could meet me in a few days. I sold stuff to get the money together and gave him an "Ill Take It". We set a date to meet. Again, he cancelled.

We said okay, well do it in a couple days. This time he had child-care issues and illness in the family (a very good reason to miss a meet), so we said we would do it on Sunday. On Sunday his family was still sick, had to stay home to rest and take care of family, he couldn't leave the house. I offered to come down to Richmond instead of meeting halfway and pick it up at his house, he declined.

He said, no worries, I will be up in your area on Tuesday, if you can be around, I will drop it off with you at about 1:30 in the afternoon. Again, I was understanding and said okay, we will do it then. I rearranged my Tuesday schedule and waited. And waited. Over the course of the afternoon I got repeated texts saying "I'm almost done at work up here, should be out soon. So I cancelled my evening plans. I got more texts and calls over the course of the evening saying that he was still coming no matter what, it just might be quite late now. Patiently, I waited. At about 9:45 at night, he said that he would be leaving soon and would be at my place in about 45 minutes. He had the address and would let me know when he was about 10 minutes out. I waited until 11:30 PM. No communication, phone turned off.

TEN HOURS he had me waiting and kept up the "Yes, we are going to meet up today"

The next day I got an "Ooops, sorry, phone died and it had gotten really late". Again, there was no attempt to reach me to break it off when it was getting late and the phone battery was low. He also could have stopped by. I was about 5 minutes off of his route home, I made it clear that I would be waiting.

Again, I was patient and understood. He even said he would reduce the price on the pistol given that he had held me up for ten hours.

We set up to meet again today. I realized I was not going to have as much time and wouldn't be at the range for a long window of time, so I wanted to confirm exactly when/where we were going to meet. No response. For hours I could not get anything. I again offered to come down, he said "No, I have jerked you around enough, I will come up to you to make up for it."

This time it only took three hours of waiting for an excuse to come after assurances that this time, he really would make it up.(again, his reasons were very reasonable sounding).

Now I see on his profile that on the day that he couldn't leave the house and didn't want me to come down because he was "taking care of family and could not leave the house" he did a deal with someone else and got positive feedback. Again, here I had offered to come down. He says this happened before our discussions that day.

I am done. I have had days wasted at this point and am tired of it. Even if EVERY excuse was true, he had many opportunities to make this right or even just say "Hey man, this isn't going to work". He did not have to keep swearing up and down that he was going to make it right and making promises that he could not keep. I have NEVER been so patient with someone and been screwed so badly.

I strongly encourage anyone else who has had the same experiences to post their own feedback in a new topic.

Buyers and sellers beware.

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#835992 - 01/01/15 04:55 PM Re: DieselRock, worst GunTrader experience yet [Re: GunRep]
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I do not dispute this. I have had several issues arise. Sam is a good guy, and I can understand his frustration.

Sam, I apologize that I couldnt get it right.

its on me, Ill take the hit, have no excuses, other than dealing with Family and work issues.
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#836065 - 01/01/15 08:01 PM Re: DieselRock, worst GunTrader experience yet [Re: GunRep]
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