I hope everyone is preparing...our gun rights and many other things are on the line for real come November. PLEASE vote. PLEASE spread the word about what is coming. Join VCDL to help with the fight.

It is clear the current crop of democrats is on a kamikaze course to make Virginia look worse than CA, NY, CT, NJ in one session. I'd recommend taking a look at everything they proposed in January of this year (http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?191+lst+ALL)
1. MAJOR gun control (redefine assault weapon to basically anything semi-auto, ban suppressors, red flag, UBC's, mag cap bans). Leaves us with single shot hunting rifles, shotguns, and revolvers (for now). We will have stricter laws than any state if what they have previously proposed is proposed again).
2. fair housing law - prevents VA localities from not approving low income housing (i.e. like Obama wanted - subsidized housing in rural counties, "rich" areas. your county rejects it, someone complains, your county broke the law). Hello low income housing in your mcmansion neighborhood and your rural county.
3. voting by mail
4. no ID requirements for voting
5. replacement of non-gender terms of all state laws (no more "husband/wife"). change VA Constitution to remove "man and woman" from description of marriage.
6. election day - new school holiday
7. early voting without reason
8. all high school and college kids given voter registration forms (required)
9. repeal Right to Work law
10. Minimum wage goes to $9 an hour
11. abortion - removes requirement for ultrasound and written consent
12. expansion of definition of "hate crimes" and punishments