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Hey guys. There's a noticeable lack of Backup Gun matches in VA! So, I figured I'd try to organize one of my own. Any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or information is not only welcomed but actively sought after. Anyways, here's the breakdown for now:

1. Have Fun! The BUG Match is not a very serious competition and is widely open to beginners... myself included... because the point is to learn to use our carry guns better.
2. Guns must be small enough to fit into a 5.25″ x 7″ box with a magazine inserted (smaller than a Glock 19).
3. Score = Points - Time. A-zone hits on USPSA targets are 7 points; anywhere else is 3. Hitting a steel target is 5. So, if you get three A-zone hits, one C, and hit two steel targets, and that takes you 12 seconds, your final score is 22.
4. Safety violation = instant ban from all present and future BUG matches.

What you need:
Eye and ear protection
A gun fitting the above requirements (no caliber restrictions!)
~50 rounds of ammunition
A spare mag/speedloader/moon clip
A good attitude!

In this match, negative scores are pretty common with new shooters (like me) so don't feel discouraged if you get one.

The trouble for me is the venue. I can build target stands and buy USPSA targets but I don't know where to set this up. Any suggestions are welcome- the closest free range to me is Hite Hollow at an hour away.