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#1693461 - 11/16/20 10:08 AM Question regarding private sales of C&R firearms
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Hey all,

Iíve got a few C&R firearms that Iím interested in selling, and another member sent me a pm with a link to the code regarding 7/1/20 law requiring background checks and suggesting I review it, because in his estimation there was a carve out in the requirements for background checks with regard to C&R firearms. I read it closely, and it does appear to my understanding to exclude C&R, but I am not an attorney and donít want to get ensnared by some legalese wording that I am not fully understanding because of my lack of any formal educational background in the law. Any lawyers on here that have read this and concur with my laymanís understanding of this? Thanks!

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#1693582 - 11/16/20 05:55 PM Re: Question regarding private sales of C&R firearms [Re: chuckyzfr1]
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I am "certainly" not a lawyer either, but I read that earlier, and reread it after your post, and I too read it to exclude C&R.... hopefully some others with brilliant minds will chime in.
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#1694007 - 11/17/20 10:28 PM Re: Question regarding private sales of C&R firearms [Re: chuckyzfr1]
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This topic would be a great one for added knowledge.


#1694017 - 11/18/20 01:38 AM Re: Question regarding private sales of C&R firearms [Re: chuckyzfr1]
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It does exclude C&R. I checked with two FFLs. In addition, gifting is exempted. The part that I canít find but read before is trading, CHP, 18-20 years of age exceptions. Of course, 98% of gun owners wouldnít know these laws or the hundreds of others on the book such as the city of Richmond is almost entirely gun-free zone if all new laws are enforced.