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#2002689 - 04/21/23 12:19 PM fd828
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I am sad to announce that our friend fd828 (Michael Irvin Runion) passed away last night at the age of 75 years old.
He was a great friend, member here and all around good man and will be missed by many. He had turned 75 in March while in the hospital. My condolences go out to his family at this time wife Sharon and son Brian, brother etc. I will post the funeral information when I get it. All you had to do was call and he would help in any way he could.
Rest in Peace and as Michael said at the end of every conversation "Have a Blessed day".

I just spoke with Michaels wife and his memorial service is Thursday 4/27/2023 at 2:00 PM at Courtland Baptist Church 22265 Main St, Courtland, VA 23837. It will be a Military memorial as Michael served with honor. She will probably be there @ 1 PM to accept visitors.

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#2002699 - 04/21/23 12:56 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Michael was as fine a person you would ever want to know.
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#2002724 - 04/21/23 02:48 PM Re: fd828 [Re: hino895]
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I'm very sorry to hear of Michaels passing. He fought the good fight - even went back to work recently. He was a much tougher man than me. RIP FD!!

#2002742 - 04/21/23 03:54 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
DaveL Offline

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Terrible news. I only knew him through the SB, but I was very fond of him. So sorry for the loss for his more personal friends.

#2002767 - 04/21/23 05:28 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
Big_Country Offline
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Michael was an outstanding member. I had quite a few deals with him and had the pleasure to talk with him on many more occasions. He will truly be missed. Rest in peace good friend. BC

#2002776 - 04/21/23 05:57 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Going to miss him ,little did some know that he was a great source for mower and tractor repair and knowledge as well as firearms , RIP Mikey good to have known you buddy !
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#2002810 - 04/21/23 08:18 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Michael was a great member of the VA Gun Trader, a wounderful friend, an excellent source of knowledge and wisdom. I am honoured to have known him, and met him. Michael is now resting, and one day, we will see him again.
Until then my Brother,

Semper Fi!

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#2002823 - 04/21/23 09:09 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
the cwa Offline

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This is sad news indeed. Michael was no quitter and a good person to know for sure. I take solace in knowing that his pain is over and he is at peace now.
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#2002824 - 04/21/23 09:15 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
quietman Offline

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I only knew him via the shoutbox. Never had a bad conversation with him and he was a great guy to talk to. I hope he is in a better place with no pain. I hope his family in time has peace.
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#2002827 - 04/21/23 09:22 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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#2002858 - 04/22/23 06:15 AM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Rest In Peace Michael.
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#2002962 - 04/22/23 10:33 AM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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I'm glad I got to meet this fine man/veteran before he departed this world.

Rest peacefully,
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#2002995 - 04/22/23 11:37 AM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
Halligan Offline
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Michael went out of his way to help me (and others) with his knowledge of small engines. Something he had done hundreds of times with people on this forum. That kind of knowledge the average joe just doesn't possess. You only get it with years of experience.

He was an optimist, even to the end. It definitely would have been easier to just toss it in but, he was not like that.

I hope he is at peace and that Trader and the ShoutBox provided support even if it was a joke/distraction from life.

Be most excellent to each other.

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#2003102 - 04/22/23 06:30 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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I met him for the first time in person at the Richmond show, it was all my pleasure.
Rest In Peace brother, the fields await you.
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#2003251 - 04/23/23 11:36 AM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Tremendous loss for this community. Prays for his family.

#2003538 - 04/24/23 12:41 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
Dadcpu Offline
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His service will be at Courtland Baptist Church on Thursday April 27th at 2 PM.

I am going to do my level best to go, if anyone wants to ride let me know.

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#2003544 - 04/24/23 12:57 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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My condlonces to his family, he was a great member. GOB BLESS YOU

#2003660 - 04/24/23 05:57 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
graybeard Offline

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Only knew him thru the SB. Never a bad word about anyone. He was a gentleman and I enjoyed the conversations we had. He will be missed greatly.
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#2003699 - 04/24/23 07:57 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
DirtyJ Offline
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Really sad news. I talked to Mike regularly in the SB and then really became friends late last year and talk every week or two after that. I will be there Thursday.
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#2003728 - 04/24/23 08:48 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Hope he gets to take one if his Ruger Mini-14 to the grave with him.
For fred og frihet Gjør rett, frykt ingen.

#2004463 - 04/27/23 04:42 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Fair winds and following seas...you will be missed.
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#2004466 - 04/27/23 04:45 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Missing you much member 7000. Rest well my friend


#2004843 - 04/28/23 11:21 PM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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Bummer i didnt get to know ya better, but hanks for having a big impact on this community of bums. May you RIP fd. God bless!

#2005236 - 04/30/23 11:31 AM Re: fd828 [Re: Dadcpu]
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RIP "Fiddy"
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