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#883284 - 04/09/15 02:44 PM Tmaine
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Tmaine feels the need to repeatedly call me out.. I feel as tho Mitch forced my hand in this.. I did not want to leave feedback, and was happy with our co-existence in the SB.. apparently not the case for Tmaine.

couple months ago, we worked out a trade.. my KSG for his upper featuring a DD barrel. we met up, Mitch was cool, we chatted and made the swap. i will advocate that Mitch DID in fact tell me to inspect the upper and make sure it was up to snuff.. I overlooked the roll marks on the barrel (223 wylde 1/8) until we had parted ways and I was driving home.. the sun hit the barrel just right and illuminated the roll marks. I promptly called Mitch to let him know this was NOT a DD barrel and that I would like a trade back... he was extremely accommodating, we picked a new location, and I got there as soon as traffic would allow. he dug up the receipt, and found that it was in fact not a DD barrel but (i believe) a seekins. I was going to build an upper around the barrel, so the seekins just wasn't what I wanted.. Mitch offered me an extra hundred bucks to offset the difference, but I was not interested. all seemed fine, I thought he understood that it was because of HIS blunder we traded back. If the upper had been as advertised there would not have been an issue.

Then im in the shoutbox and Tmaine is calling me a hipster, punk, liar, and advocating for me to be banned from the site...belittling my job, and myself.

Mitch seems like an amicable guy, but apparently, if you get on his bad side he feels the need to exert his self perceived superiority.

No skin off my nose, I dont have your janky upper, and you dont have the KSG.

no buyer beware, just something to take note of. I'm sure Mitch is a great guy and friend, not sure why he feels the need to constantly make snide remarks, but to each their own.
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#883289 - 04/09/15 02:53 PM Re: Tmaine [Re: joea22]
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PM sent to Tmain inviting him to respond.

Others not involved in this transaction are NOT TO RESPOND.
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#883294 - 04/09/15 02:57 PM Re: Tmaine [Re: joea22]
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This guy is not good for this forum.

Long story short---He is a young guy...met up with him did a FTF ---then he called 15mins later and requested we swap back.

I listed a VLTOR upper for sale ONLY. He PM'd me a trade. I declined and then he persued a swap for 2 days. I caved and we met...he told me he wanted it for his own use...blah blah.

After we had a FTF and we swapped---he called he mentioned his plans changed (in the last 15mins)and now he planned to part my upper out. He told me the barrel won't be worth as much as he thought and further said after some debate he just needs cash and someone on armslist offered him a cash deal. He told me this could work out better bc now he can buy my upper cash (still showed interest)...I could have told him tough cookies but out of the kindness of my heart smile I swapped back and wanted to see if his cash purchase would come to fruition.

Low and behold he had a new plan all along. From the day I finally agreed to do the trade with him he was weaseling a deal with another member. When the other member didn't reply back to him he went with my deal---the 15mins after we met he got a txt from the other member, and the next day he swapped with him.

In the end he wasted my time---and in NOVA traffic...a lot of time.

Had he been transparent with the deal I would let it fly. I wanted cash and got it in the end...however I stand on the ground that a man is only as good as his word---this guy has no word. He is a sleezy dishonest kid who values no ones time and is only out for himself.

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